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Short course in Cam design

Professor Norton is an internationally recognized expert in cam design and has taught this and other subjects at university level in the USA for over 45 years. His highly acclaimed textbooks, including the Cam Design and Manufacturing Handbook, are used by practicing engineers and engineering students around the world in many languages.

This short course in cam design provides a unique opportunity to benefit from his series of lectures/demonstrations on cam design, and also for direct interaction with him via telephone and email during the course. This course will enhance your understanding of this complex topic and will demonstrate the proper use of his cam design program Dynacam.

The course contains eight, hour-long lectures distilled from his 14-week graduate course in cam design at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and streamed from this website. A registered user will have 30 days of unlimited access to these lectures. That user may also engage in up to 10 phone calls with the professor and ask questions in up to 20 emails during the 30-day course window for an additional fee.

If you, or your company, do not presently have a license to the program Dynacam, a demonstration version of the program can be downloaded from this site and will run for 30 days. We recommend that you start the course and the demo period of the program simultaneously so that you can use the program for exercises while viewing the lectures.

Course Outline


  1. Introduction, SVAJ diagrams, fundamental law of cam design. Unacceptable and acceptable double-dwell cam functions. Polynomials for double-dwell motions.
  2. Single dwell (rise-fall-dwell) motions using polynomials and B-splines.
  3. Constant velocity and critical path motion cams using polynomials and splines.
  4. Sizing the cam: Pressure angle and radius of curvature.
  5. Dynamic modeling of cam systems
  6. Controlling residual vibrations. Polydyne and Splinedyne cam-follower systems
  7. Failure and Wear. Exporting the cam profile for manufacture.
  8. Cam Manufacturing. Cam design guidelines.

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Purchase 30 days of access to 8 streamed lectures on cam design ($1,000)

Purchase 30 days of access to 8 streamed lectures on cam design and 30 days (limited) access to the professor via phone and email ($2,000)