Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery

Author: Robert L. Norton, Milton P. Higgins II Distinguished Professor Emeritus Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Publication date: 2012
ISBN: 978-0-07-352935-6

Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery is an SI version of Design of Machinery and is marketed only outside of the USA.  It is not for sale within the USA.  It is used around the world in English, Korean, and Portuguese.

The author conveys the art of the design process and the fundamentals of kinematics and dynamics in order to prepare students to successfully tackle genuine engineering problems encountered in practice. While both thorough and complete on the topics of analysis, the book also emphasizes the synthesis and design aspects of the subject to a greater degree than any other similar book on the market today. Analytical synthesis of linkages is covered, and cam design is given a more thorough and practical treatment than in any other text.

Downloadable with this text are videos containing animated models of over 100 of the examples from the text. Student editions of three custom programs for design and analysis of mechanisms LINKAGES, DYNACAM, and MATRIX are also on the book’s website.  Linkages is a new program that incorporates the older programs Fourbar, Fivebar, Sixbar, Slider and Engine. (The programs with the book are limited functionality versions of the professional editions of the same programs available elsewhere on this web site.) Also included are many Matlab models for kinematic analysis.  These downloads are restricted to users outside the USA.

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