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This ordering page offers all the software we have available for purchase. All orders are handled through PayPal, a secure, simple online order processing service. When you click on the “Buy Now” button to purchase software, you will be directed to PayPal’s site, where you can create an account and enter payment and shipping information.

Please contact us at if you for some reason cannot use PayPal. We will arrange other payment means, such as wire transfer or purchase order. If you are outside the US, we will only accept wire transfers in US dollars for the purchase price plus a $50 processing fee to cover bank costs.

Individual Programs – Per Seat

Dynacam 10 offers a full suite of cam design tools. It allows users to solve kinematic and dynamic equations for cam-follower systems and calculates dynamic force, stress, and torque data. Cam profiles created by Dynacam 10 can be exported to CAD packages. Dynacam is used to design commercial cams by many companies around the world and is the only commercially available cam design program that will create custom polynomial and B-spline cam functions.

Dynacam 10 Plus offers all the features of Dynacam and adds the ability to create and analyze cam-driven fourbar and sixbar linkage follower trains. It exports linkage geometry and cam driving data to program LINKAGES for further analysis. Calculates the cam profile needed to apply the desired cam functions to the linkage end effecter. Imports profile data from an existing cam and reverse engineers its functions.

Program Linkages provides the ability to design and analyze Fourbar, Fivebar, Sixbar, and Slider linkages and Engines in one comprehensive package or with the subparts licensed individually, or in combination. It will calculate kinematic and dynamic parameters for all of these linkage designs. The user can calculate these parameters by inputting the link lengths and coupler point location. The linkage is drawn and animated and its coupler curve shown. All calculated data can be plotted, printed, and exported to a spreadsheet. Both pin-jointed fourbar and fourbar slider linkages can be designed and can be driven by a constant velocity motor, a variable velocity servomotor, or a programmed cam designed in Dynacam 10 Plus.

The same kind of driving motivation can be applied to Watts II or Stephenson’s III sixbar, and Watts II sixbar-slider linkages within the Linkages program. Used in combination with program Dynacam 10 Plus, cam-driven fourbar and sixbar pure linkages and slider linkages can be created and analyzed kinematically and dynamically. A new version of Program Engine (see below) is now built into Linkages and is available at the price indicated below.

All modules active $2500 (a saving of $1000 over individual prices)

Individual modules can be licensed on the following schedule:

  • Fourbar – $500
  • Fivebar – $500
  • Sixbar – $500
  • Slider – $500
  • Cam Driven Linkages – $500
  • Engine – $1000
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Matrix is a general linear system solver that solves up to 20 linear equations through the on-screen input of the matrix of equation coefficients and a vector of constant terms. The program uses a modified Gauss-Jordan algorithm with partial pivoting to solve the equation set.

Packages – Save $1000 Per Seat

Purchase Dynacam 10 Plus and Linkages together, save $1,000.00, and receive two comprehensive tools for the design of motor, servomotor, or cam-driven linkages. (A best buy.)

Purchase Engine and Dynacam together, save $500, and receive two comprehensive tools for the design of engines and camshafts. (A best buy.)