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• A web-based short course in cam design is now on this site.  It offers eight, 1-hour lectures on cam design by Professor Norton based on his 50 years experience designing cams and teaching the subject.  Professor access via email is also available along with the srteamed video.  It also serves as a tutorial on program Dynacam.  Use this link. 
Cam Design Course

• Paypal can be used to purchase software from this site. A purchase order, check, or wire transfer can still be used if preferred.

• All programs can now be network licensed on a Windows terminal server.  Contact us for details.

• Dynacam and Dynacam Plus have been completely rewritten for compatibility with 64-bit Windows 7 and 8.

•Program Linkages replaces the programs Fourbar, Fivebar, Sixbar, Slider, and Engine and combines all those linkages in one package, which is compatible with 64-bit Windows 7and 8.

• Dynacam Plus includes a feature that allows a measured or empirical cam profile to be imported.  The data is then splined and the cam functions created to analyze its dynamics or redesign it with better functions.

• Dynacam Plus also allows the design of a cam-driven fourbar or sixbar linkage or slider follower train and can share data with program Linkages so that the cam-driven linkage designed in Dynacam can be dynamically analyzed in Linkages.



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What's New in Books

• Norton's latest book, Automotive Milestones is now available for order at This book explores the technological development of the automobile from its beginnings to the present. It tells the story of how the automobile's major systems and subsystems developed over time and explains how they work in layman's terms, without using complicated math. Combustion cycles, chassis layouts, engine types and designs, valve trains, transmissions, drive lines, suspension, steering, brakes, and body design - all are discussed in detail.

• The 5th edition of Machine Design is now available and contains a new chapter on Linkage Design and Analysis as well as many new problems.Its web-based software now includes a series of Master Lectures by Professor Norton on the subject of the text.

• The 5th edition of Design of Machinery is now available and has the new program Linkages, and Dynacam on its DVD, which also contains a number of videos and tutorials plus Hrones and Nelson's Atlas of fourbar coupler curves.  It also offers the download of a low-cost version of the Working Model program.

• The 2nd edition of the Cam Design and Manufacturing Handbook has new material on globoidal cams, torque-compensation cams, and multi-dof modeling of cam-follower systems.

• The latest student versions of Design of Machinery's programs can be downloaded from this site. But, access is limited to professors who have adopted the book for a class. Click here to request a password if you qualify.

Student owners of Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery can log in to download the book software.