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Design of Machinery

Errata in Design of Machinery, 5ed

The following errors are in the first printing of the Fifth Edition of Design of Machinery, as printed in 2011. All will be corrected in the second printing in May 2012.


09/05/12 3 100 Figure 3-1a is misprinted in some copies of the book. See replacement PDF. PDF
09/24/11 4 177 Figure 4-1 has Rx and Ry reversed and the wrong fonts applied to theta and phi. See PDF. PDF
09/24/11 6 304 Equation 6.12e is shown twice and equation 6.12f is missing. See PDF. PDF
09/24/11 6 318 - 324

Equations 6.20a, 6.21a, 6.21b, 6.22b, 6.24b, 6.25a, 6.26, 6.27a, 6.27b, 6.28a, 6.28b, 6.29a, 6.29b, 6.30a, and 6.30b are missing a dot over the dterm or the b term.

09/24/11 7 362 Equation 6.20a is missing a dot over the d term. See PDF. PDF
09/24/11 7 368 Equation 6.25a is missing a dot over the second b term. See PDF. PDF

Errata in the second and subsequent printings of the fifth edition of Design of Machinery.


04/3/14 3 136 "Watt II" should be "Watt I" in the first paragraph - see PDF PDF
04/3/14 4 198-199 Corrected equation 4.22 and its discussion on both pages - see PDF PDF
04/3/14 7 353 Two vectors in Fig 7-3 should be labeled Apa, not Ap - see PDF PDF
03/29/15 7 361 In step3, equation b, the value of alpha3 should be 296.089 rad/sec^2 instead of 269.089 rad/sec^2 PDF
04/3/14 8 455 Some variable "S and s" were missing dots over them - see PDF PDF
04/3/14 13 668 Eq 13.1e should read s dot =. Eq 13.1f should read x double dot =. - see PDF PDF
04/3/14 13 670 Equations 13.2 d, -e, and -f should have all signs minus - see PDF PDF
04/3/14 13 671 Eq 13.3d should read s dot =. Eq 13.3e should read x double dot =. - see PDF PDF
04/3/14 13 682 The x in eq 13.15b should be x double dot and in the line above eq 13.15b - see PDF PDF